About the BPI Curriculum and Exams

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Our Building Performance Institute (BPI) Curriculum and Testing is a Nationally Recognized Certification Program.

Graduates of our program will receive BPI’s Building Analyst Professional Certification and will be recognized nationally as an elite building professional who has completed a rigorous course and passed detailed standardized exams that have been created by an expert technical committee.

This program gives the certified Building Performance Analyst a nationally recognized certification that allows them to utilize their skills nationally.

The curriculum that is taught by Green Energy Audit Certification is a premiere, top of the line program.

The BPI program focuses on the house-as-a-system concept, including mechanical equipment and the building envelope. Students who successfully complete the course, the online final exam, and the field test know how to identify problems, their root causes, and the appropriate repair.

About BPI

The Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI) is a recognized global leader, supporting the development of a highly professional building performance industry through individual and organizational credentialing and a rigorous quality assurance program.

BPI works with building performance industry stakeholders to ensure that the professional bar for excellence in building performance contracting is established and maintained by creating and regularly updating technical requirements through an open, transparent, consensus-based development process.

BPI measures the knowledge, skills and competency of individuals, and evaluates the organizations impacting building performance. We accomplish this with an integrated certification, accreditation and quality assurance program designed to support the building performance contracting industry.

BPI also offers added support services that promote and stimulate infrastructural development emphasizing education and outreach.

About BPI Grads


BPI certified technicians enjoy increased employment opportunities because the companies they work for experience fewer customer call-backs, improved customer satisfaction ratings and an increased rate of referrals from those satisfied customers. Why? Because the rigorous, credible BPI program is based on the principles of building science and the whole-home approach to contracting.

BPI certification tells the world that you’re knowledgeable and competent in your field because you’ve gone through detailed and standardized testing. Not only can you be confident you have the right information and training under your belt, your customers will know that they’re in good hands right from day one.

After completing each examination series, you can properly diagnose the critical performance factors of a building that can impact health, safety, comfort, energy efficiency and durability.



The BPI Building Analyst course is the foundation of the study of:

Energy Efficiency: The candidate will evaluate duct leakage and   learn the process and procedure for using the blower door and manometer to determine pressure differential diagnostics. Hands-0n training will be conducted to become proficient with the equipment.

Indoor Air Quality: Candidates will learn how to conduct the CO test for indoor quality and all combustion appliances in the home.

Safety: Combustion safety tests will be conducted  and candidate will measure baseline pressure differential, create worst case conditions, correctly measure CAZ depressurization, measure worst case CO and make recommendations according to BPI standards.


Information about BPI is from the Building Performance Institute, INC. website http://www.bpi.org